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Mary Living Outside is about creating and developing strong and productive outside places. 


Our work begins with great soil.

Promoting this microscopic world is the foundation to long term soil fertility and resilience.  This 'humble' beginning is the key to low maintenance and high performance environments. 


Mary Living Outside provides Life in the Soil analysis, educational workshops on soil ecology & management.

 We are professional gardeners providing organic land care, integrating native plants, implementing composting & one-on-one consulting. 


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to find out about how we can work with you to create vibrant soil ecologies in your garden, farm or community.   






Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Planet 

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Biological Growing - How Nature Feeds Plants

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Life in the Soil Analysis
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Biological Soil Analysis

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“The plant you see above ground is actually in a complex symbiosis with soil microbes in the root zone, the rhizosphere. If you don’t know what organisms are present in your soil and on your plant leaves, much of your soil and crop management is being left to chance.”


Dr Elaine Ingham, 2004