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Weed, Edge, Clip

You may not have great plans for your landscapes this season. Sometimes none are needed. Lucky you! Take the season to relax and enjoy it all.

There is one practice every garden benefits from: Weed, Edge and Clip. It's the quick tidy up for any landscape. Somewhat similar to what we do when company is coming. We do a cruise through the house picking up and putting away.

This is one of my favourite jobs because of its high rewards. Everyone loves coming home to it all fresh and cleaned up.

My Basic Tips:

1. Sharpen your shovel.

Use a table top grinder or a hand held file. Your sharpened shovel's mouth edge will cut neatly without ripping.

2. Keep all your edges simple.

Not too curvy. They hard too hard to maintain and mow. They are also not as visually appealing.

3. Take time weeding.

Pick out as much as possible. Less now means less later.

4. Mulch.

Mulch keeps weed seeds from germinating, holds moisture in the soil, helps maintain good soil structure, moderates soil temperature and protects soil organisms. It ALWAYS pays off so make the effort to keep it on.

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