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Container Gardening - Small Gardens with Big Ideas

5 great ideas for small gardens jammed packed with fabulous vibe.

It's never too late to put one together!

1. The Wheelbarrow

Painted white. Flat tire left as is. Throw in a frame for visual focus. Awesome.

2. 3 Giant Pots, 1 plant

How much easier could it get?

Choose 3 of that favourite, drop-dead gorgeous pot you've been drooling over.

Add the same plant for each.

I love the simplicity, elegance, purity of this Lemongrass grouping.

At this size it's a great privacy fence as well! No feelings hurt.

3. Leave it in the Garden, Potted Up!

Use a container in the garden.

Here is provides higher contrast to the Dinasaur Kale growing behind it. Alone the Lavender may not make as much of a statement.

One container. One Plant.

4. Herbs Close By

Keeping what you use for cooking close encourages more use.

Herbs love to be pinched and clipped back! They grow bushier.

Stick them all together for a cascade of texture and heavenly scent.

It's a good bug repellent too!

5. Grow Some Food

Carrots in a pot. Why not make sure some of your food is clean?

You can grow all kinds of fruit in containers.

One year I tried growing potatoes vertically in car tires. Adding a tire each time I needed to hill the plant. 3 potato chits, 4 tires, 1 season of growing and I harvested 10 lbs of potatoes!

Net those berries! Birds and dogs love to graze as much as we do.

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